Bookshelf for home in Bilbao. Bizkaia

Interior designMacarena Barcia

Year of completion: 2007

Location: Home in Bilbao. Bizkaia

Materials used: RAL coloured lacquered MDF

Bookshelf detail for living room

This bookshelf is made of lacquered MDF to form a set of vertical legs, shelves and an upper horizontal shell. In in the same line without moulding, creating a simple-shaped unit, with a minimalistic touch, even hiding shelf supports, with 4 doors and a bottom drawer.

The doors are hung using hidden hinges and a deep drawn steel handle. The drawer with hidden metal runner with slow stop and handles to match the rest. Over recent years, given the impact of large TV screens on the width of the centre modules, the sides are left narrower to be able to fit the centre screen.

In this case, the bookshelf is lacquered in a RAL colour supplied by the owner to match the wall, combining the wall and furniture using the same criterion, in the tone and with the logical changes in texture between a plastic paint wall and a lacquered MDF surface.

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