Home in Rekalde

Home in Rekalde
Home in Rekalde

Interior designSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2020

Location: Home in Rekalde, Bizkaia.

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Materials used: Laminated oak wood

Renovation of a multiple-storey semi-detached home in Rekalde.


The living room

The living room was furnished with a large lacquered bookshelf with laminated oak wood throughout the interior. The front of the bookshelf is moulded, with deep recesses, doors with recessed central panels and Formani handles.

The colour is the same RAL as the wall. The centre was prepared for a television screen and grooved to receive the electrical installation of a series of light fixtures on the top of the bookshelf.

 The bathrooms

Two modules were installed in one of the bathrooms.  The wash-stand is a standard size, furnished with two drawers and a grille with lacquered wooden bars to be used as a towel rack. The wash-stand is lacquered, as well as the simply-framed matching mirror.

The furniture is completed with a 2.2 m-high structure consisting of shelves at the top and a door with a recessed panel at the bottom, also lacquered and furnished with wooden legs, according to the design.

The second bathroom is furnished with a simple wash-stand consisting of two drawers, finished in laminated wood and the rest lacquered in white. The bottom is fitted with a grille that serves as a towel rack, lacquered in white, portraying a unique aesthetic touch.

The legs are wooden, as in the wash-stand described above, but with a completely different design and white Formani handles.

The wash-stand in the guest bathroom is furnished with two drawers, all lacquered and a lower shelf for towels, lacquered to match the colour of the wall paper.

Txoko kitchen

A partition was installed in the txoko kitchen to hide the boiler and washing machine area, with grille doors and Formani handle.

The structure has one blind side, completely lacquered and fits perfectly into the space, leaving the minimum space inside to make the most of the main dining area.

Home in Rekalde
Home in Rekalde
Home in Rekalde