House in Mungia


Interior design: Macarena Barcia 

Year of completion: 2021

Place: Mungía (Bizkaia)

Materials used: natural oak

Photography: Biderbost Photo

The complete refurbishment of this house in Mungia was carried out under the direction of Macarena Barcia. In this interior design project, Macarena opted to use a sober shade of green in this house from the Farrow and Ball collection, combined with natural oak with a natural varnished finish.

Entrance hall.

Green lacquered panelling has been created in the entrance hall, which blends in completely with the entrance door, the walls of the corridor and the access door to the toilet.

This panelled finish is linked to the screen in the living room area.


Living room furniture and screen.

The furniture in the living room is in two parts. A unit with smooth doors was used for the lower part and a larger unit with smooth doors was installed in the upper part. Both units fulfil the storage function.

A recessed area was created in the centre, made of solid, varnished oak slats, which links up with the screen in the entrance hall.

The screen is made of a grid of vertical oak battens, with two columns made of natural oak to match the floor of the house, which make it possible for the various installations in the house to pass through.

Both pieces of furniture have the same aesthetic and are lacquered in the same green tone as the entrance. The finish of the living room furniture is spectacular.


Wardrobe in the dressing room area.

The wardrobe in the dressing room area has doors with a central frame that is recessed and lacquered on the outside.

As far as its design and construction is concerned, two different sized frames were chosen for each of the doors and black handles made by Formani were fitted.

The interior of the furniture is made of textile laminate and incorporates a number of different shelves, racks and drawers for storing clothes and different accessories to suit the needs of the owners of the home.


Picture gallery of a house in Mungia.