Complete project for Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen Bilbao

Year of completion: 2021

Place: Bang & Olufsen premises in Bilbao

Photography: Biderbost Photo


This project was carried out for one of Bang & Olufsen’s shops in Bilbao, one of the leading brands in the capital for high-end products, both in the area of technology applied to image and sound and home automation installations, the latter for private homes.

It was an extension of the premises to make room for a new product: kitchens made by Bulthaup. Bang & Olufsen needed to create different areas, to provide a separate space for the kitchens from the rest of the products they have for sale. The aim was to keep each product in the spotlight, in a single store with a style that conveys the sector they are targeting top class brands and excellent quality.

Wooden items on the top floor

We made partitioned areas with slatted partitions separated by a few centimetres between the slats to divide the areas. They are lacquered in dark grey and run from floor to ceiling.

Based on a piece of furniture from Bulthaup, it was modified to simulate kitchen furniture.

Our adaptation consisted of adding a central door, giving access to the design offices. It is a space created for the technical team to work in without being visible to the public at all times.

Bang & Olufsen Bilbao
Bang & Olufsen Bilbao
Bang & Olufsen Bilbao
Bang & Olufsen Bilbao

Modifications to the ground floor

The space to access the ground floor of the premises consists of a wooden staircase integrated into the space occupied by the lift.

Next to the lift there is a work area with office desks, and another partition similar to the one on the top floor was created to divide the passageway area from the office, the difference being that this one has LEDs at the top and bottom, creating a lighting effect behind the dark grey partition. A special system was used to remove the slats from the partition without damaging the structure so that the LEDs can be inspected or repaired if necessary.

Bang & Olufsen Bilbao

Wooden mezzanine as a platform

An original touch is the creation of a mezzanine floor on which a beautiful piano is installed, symbolically, creating an atmosphere in keeping with the clientele and the products on display in the shop.

In the same area, the Bang & Olufsen shop has two large side rooms as a showroom with products adapted to homes. The space was designed in such a way as to provide greater privacy for customers so that they can make the right decisions in peace, without interruptions and with excellent service.

A true showroom, where you can see different rooms of a house with the latest technology and design in the field of image and sound!

The carpentry project for Bang & Olufsen was an opportunity to get to know them better and find out how they work. It is undoubtedly a brand that conveys high quality, and this is reflected in the projects it undertakes.

Visiting the shop in Alameda de Recalde is to enjoy a true experience and Landa Ebanistería has helped to add warmth to the extensive spaces in this establishment by using wood.

Bang & Olufsen has an elegant, quality product for people who care about the design of their home. Interestingly, this firm is of Danish origin. It was founded by two friends in 1925: Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen. Two engineers who developed high-impact technological solutions and designs that made history from the very start. Did you know that some of their historic products are in the MoMA in New York? There is no doubt that they have made history and, at Landa Ebanistería, we are happy to have contributed to giving warmth to their rooms with wood.