Refurbishment in Aker Bar. Getxo

Interior design: ONN Arquitectura Interior (2007) SUSAETA INTERIORISMO (Eduardo Susaeta) (2015)

Year of completion: 2007 | 2015

Location: Bar Aker. Particular de Arlamendi, 1, 48930 Getxo, Bizkaia

Materials used: solid oak, black burnished oak wood

Detail of the refurbishment of Bar Aker

Produced by Onn (in 2007) and refurbished by Eduardo Susaeta (in 2015). Located in Calle Particular de Arlamendi, 1 in Las Arenas.

The Aker is a benchmark in the restaurant sector due to its decoration and its unique “pintxos”.

This is a bar that we installed 9 years ago and later refurbished. We modified the bar and the entrance, strengthening the seats, decorating certain wall elements and changing the table tops.

The façade originally had a double door that was not longer necessary to meet with new regulations. We removed it, modifying the existing frames, installing pieces on floor and ceiling and fitting a shelf for use by clientèle outdoors.

We restructured the bar, fitting new support bars and increasing its width by 15 centimetres with a solid oak piece on an angle, varnished using hard varnish for bars with a matt finish to match the remainder.

4 decorative pieces were installed above the bench alongside the bar that, as well as acting as an ornamental element, absorbed the sound and corrected an existing problem of reverberation.

A sheet with mirror glass was installed over the other table area to give a feeling of more amplitude and clarity. Finally, the tables were strengthened and the floor of the entire premises planed, as it had been damaged over time.

The originality of the wood finish in black burnished oak must be noted in this bar. A very unique finish that gives a very personal feel.