Complete home renovation – Las Arenas

home renovation in las arenas
home renovation in las arenas
home renovation in las arenas

Interior decorationUrbana 15

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Home in Las Arenas – Getxo. Bizkaia.

Materials used: white lacquer, oak and walnut.

Home renovation in Las Arenas – Getxo.

Here we show a flat in Getxo, renovated entirely by Urbana 15.

The photograph shows door linings in an old-style design with a high baseboard, but smooth modern lining. Note that the the integrated baseboard of the door has prongs imitating old linings, but simplified.

As visible in the photograph, there are two sets of 4-leaf doors, with upper glass panes fixed to the frame, while the centre doors hang over the side doors, with a special hinge that frees the lining. Everything is lacquered in matte white, and the upper padded edging set with glass.

The next photograph of this home shows an integrated fireplace in a white-lacquered wall, combined with television furniture made of oak and a white-lacquered bottom, a marble mantel and partially clad wall.

The third photograph shows the dining room area with furniture at the rear and a radiator frame serving as a cupboard. The front is made of 3×3 finger-jointed board, combined with matte white lacquer and oak matching the table and floor made of wide oak floorboard.

The doors and metal partition in the kitchen were lacquered in white with smooth linings, to match the style of the rest of doors in the home.

The entire baseboard of the home is 30 cm high, meeting the door jambs, continuing the channel and joining the top of the baseboard to the vertical jamb.

A combination of white lacquer and walnut was selected for the main rooms of the home.