Design and construction of a living room in oak

Vivienda de Santutxu en roble

interior design: Macarena Barcia

Year of completion: 2015

Location: Home in Santutxu. Bilbao

Materials used: Oak

Detail of the living room renovation

Three elements must be noted in this project implemented in a flat in Santutxu:

To the right in the foreground is an oak column covering an existing column in the home with natural oak veneer varnished with a matt finish to give the appearance of not having received almost any varnish.

In the background, a specially sized white lacquered door on a sliding system with the hanging elements hidden. The door includes a recessed handle that blends in thanks to the lacquering of the entire unit. In turn, it is fitted with seals for insulation and correct closure.

Between the spaces, to the left of the image, is a dining room unit with an upper door module, a lower module with lacquered doors without handles but with recessed pulls, and an intermediate module that combines oak with matt finish lacquer. The lighting is achieved using LEDs installed in a duct at the top of the module.

Parquet flooring using tiles that are 18 centimetres in width and 180 to 220 centimetres in length has been laid in the room.