Calzados Motila, Basauri

Calzados Motila: Mostrador de madera
Calzados Motila: Interior en madera abedul y magnolia
Calzados Motila: Mostradores y estanterías móviles

Interior designBegoña Susaeta

Year of completion: 2003

Location: Calzados Motila. Kareaga Goikoa 22. Basauri. Bizkaia

Materials used: birch wood with magnolia, elondo, maple wood

Details of the project in shoe shop in Basauri

Calzados Motila is a highly prestigious local shoe shop in which we have implemented an original project in terms of the design of all of its elements, produced by Begoña Susaeta.

We used a combination of birch wood and magnolia, and pieces of elondo embedded into floors of travertine marble. Curved columns were initially produced, reminiscent of the shape of a shoe, creating stitching with leather shoelace to simulate a curved, vertical shoelace.

In the centre of the shop, a bench made of elondo wood on a metal structure and four chairs made using the same combination of wood, matching up the sheets with each other.

On the sides of the shop, different types of modules with sloping trays can be seen, all in maple wood with an aluminium system to adjust shelf height, including a maple base with simulate buttons made of Magnolia veneer and incrustations at the top to produce the pattern of a kind of flower.

At the entrance to the shoe is a square of four cylindrical columns made of maple or birch wood, divided by strips of magnolia and topped with a cone-shaped capital made of poplar root.

The customer reception desk includes a diamond-shaped pattern on the front, with a glass display over the top. On the ceiling, a simulated stained glass window embedded in wood of the same material, with translucent perspex pieces simulating the daylight from the street.

At the street entrance to the shop , on the right, are some cylindrical elements with shelving protruding from them for footwear display. An oval-shaped counter made of maple wood, with cone-shaped hardwood legs and encrusted veneer on the front. The shop combines the importance of the appearance with the practicality of all of the facilities, all height-adjustable with areas for the display of footwear and moveable to change any display areas.

The façade is formed by two large shop windows alongside the central door, surrounded by upholstered pieces and mouldings on the exterior, also made of hardwood.