Pharmacy on Av. La Paz in Madrid

Interior design: Sube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Av. La Paz in Madrid

PhotoBiderbost photo

Materials used: lacquered wood, tiles and metal framing


Pharmacy in Getafe

A very original pharmacy designed by the Sube Interiorismo study.

The design combines lacquered wood, tiles and metal framing, using modern materials and more classic dividing elements. Light fixtures were placed throughout the premises.

The module on the façade shows the word FARMACIA at a moderate distance from the level of the ground and under which a ledge for led lighting has been placed.


Distribution of the Getafe Pharmacy

 The pharmacy is divided into two areas:

  • One area houses the counters used for customers
  • A second area houses shelves and a room serving as office space. This is separated from the rest of the locale by a partition.

The materials used throughout the pharmacy are oak laminate, white, oak-imitation laminate, lacquer and pine.

The herbal products area is made of varnished pine. All the shelves have a white, oak-grain laminate backing, which combines with the grey-lacquered furniture. The upper area has lacquer finishing and letters above it. These letters vary, depending on the products exhibited in that area.


Wooden design solutions for product displays

The central area features product display shelving solutions. These were designed separately for the products to be displayed in each. The nacelle-shaped display was designed for baby products. Its open, tilted roof is divided into areas for different products to make the most of the surface area (baby food jars were chosen for display in this case). 

The lower areas in this area were designed in:

  • White laminate with height-adjustable shelving
  • Bottom drawers with the front in oak laminate and shell-shaped knobs, matching the rest of the locale.

This design is repeated elsewhere, such as in the herbal products and counter areas.


A creative design for the counters

The counters are made of oak laminate, lacquered on the outside and edging that harks back to classic furniture, all of which matches the decoration of the premises.

The ceiling above the counter is decorated with varnished pine wood frames containing drawings of medicinal plants on vinyl.

An element found throughout the various areas of the locale are the decorative wheels placed under shelves, shelving legs and counters.

Adding these decorative elements was a pleasure…