Farmacia Joseba Golvano. Bilbao

Interior DecorationSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Farmacia Joseba R. Golvano. Otxarkoaga. Bilbao. Bizkaia.

Materials used: two colurs, white and oak.

Farmacia Joseba Golvano. Bilbao

This pharmacy has been decorated in two colours, white and oak: cutting-edge oak laminate with synchronised pores (embossed) and white laminate with synchronised pores and oak grain.

At the entrance to the locale we see three islands furnished with bottom drawers for storage, slats at the top and embedded sections to place displays. The entire surface is lined with oak and each table is finished with arch-shaped edges.

The drawers are furnished with metal sliders and retention springs hidden from view.

After these three modules, we encounter the customer service counter, made from the same white melamine, with oak slats on the outer face, edged in black. The gaps between slats are black.

Drawers, shelves and all other elements needed for business activity were installed inside the counter, in white melamine.

On one side of the area reserved for customers and behind the counter, the furniture consisted of shelves provided with drawers at the bottom for storagea top module with height-adjustable profiled shelves, and front-facing upper space to place a decorative plate that also provides displayed product information.

In each area, behind the counters, we can see the spiral product dispensing system, part of the automatic system installed for delivery to the customer. This is integrated in the design of the shelves, as can be seen.

Entering in the robotics area, three sets of drawers were installed to store homeopathy products and others, with height-adjustable shelves to store products.  This corridor enters the laboratory, equipped with ledges, drawers, etc., passing through an office area designed to match the rest of the premises, with two work stations.

On the outside, we can see several façade panels coated with high-density, wood-coloured laminate placed as horizontal slats with a glass frame at the top to let light into the locale.

In the shop area there are two shelves with lacquered beech legs and a laminated oak sill with synchronised pores.