Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola. Leioa

Interior design: Mitxel Landa

Year of completion: 2008

Location: Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola. 4º Planta, Iturriondo Kalea, 10. 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia

Materials used: PVC floor specifically for use in dance schools

Detail of the Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola project

Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola is a large dance school. This does not seem initially difficult when implementing the project, although nothing was further from the truth.

On starting the project, we realised the difficulty of the floor. A degree of flexibility was required when jumping on it so that students and teachers did not hurt their backs. To achieve this effect, we performed several tests in our workshop. We reached the conclusion that three layers of laths were required for the floor to make it more flexible when jumping on it.

After installing the panel flooring, we fitted a specific PVC floor for use in dance schools. We installed boards on the wall throughout the entire classroom, lined from behind to make a line, spanning columns, which were prepared for the installation of mirrors (an absolute necessity in school activity).

In front of it, alongside the window, wooden bars were secured using metal pieces to provide two levels of bar for work with students of different ages. We tinted these bars in a whitewashed shade with the beechwood grain showing through, combining this with the pine flooring in the entrance, and a wide, whitewashed pine boarded floor covered with high-resistance varnish for floors.

The next photo shows the teacher’s room, equipped with all home comforts. This was all produced as in the rest of the school, in greyish white colours and tinted wood on the flooring, also in combination with different white and transparent glass shades. This area includes a toilet, office area and another relaxation area with sofas, etc.