Pastelería Bochoco cake shop in Bilbao

Bochoco Pastelería: Mobiliario de madera
Detalle de los expositores en Pastelería Bochoco
Bochoco Pastelería: Interiores en madera

Interior design: SUA Interiorismo (Susana Gil)

Year of completion: 2012

Location: Pastelería Bochoco. C/ Henao 13. Bilbao

Materials used: White lacquered MDF


Furniture construction project details

Pastelería Bochoco is entirely made of curved MDF elements. Different elements such as tables, displays and counters were made.

As can be seen in the photograph, the tables start at the floor and blend in with the white, polished floor and include several curves before reaching the wall. They climb the wall and end with another series of curves at the ceiling.

  • The tables are lacquered in pure white, combined with the red of the ceiling. The difficulty of this work lies in creating curves of different radii along the entire table without joints being visible in any of their areas. Lacquers of sufficient hardness were used for the finishes on these tables to withstand the necessary use in premises of this type.
  • After the counter is an auxiliary unit with drawers and a curved top forming waves. On it, a completely curved bread display to continue with the style of the tables.
  • Even the ceiling above the entrance is made of wood.