Arilla Pharmacy, in Deusto

Interior designSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2019

Location: Bilbao, Deusto

Materials used: lacquered wood, tiles, laminated wood in a variety of grey and oak finishes.

Photo: Biderbost Photo


Arilla Pharmacy in Deusto
Arilla Pharmacy in Deusto

Arilla Pharmacy in Deusto, a third generation pharmacy.

The decoration of this pharmacy combines structural elements in a classical style with original features of interior design that reveal the unmistakeable handiwork of Begoña Susaeta and her colleagues at Sube Interiorismo.

Pharmacy established in 1948. The current management wanted to add a modern touch to achieve the desired result. They chose to use laminated oak panels and a variety of lacquer tones combined with tiles, on both the walls and the floor.

On the sides of the windows facing the street are two sills, lacquered in white with wooden legs finished in a matte varnish. As we enter the locale, we see the main counter and another small ancillary counter on the left.

The counter tops are made of white laminated wood with several details at the front:

  • Wood finished slats.
  • The central panel is lacquered in grey with an inscription in the middle in white letters that reads “Arilla 1948”, enclosed by a perimeter trim.
  • The 2 tile panels on the sides are encased in a wooden trim and combine with the floor tile.

The interior of the counters includes everything needed for their use: drawers, keyboard trays, shelves and so on.

On the sides, behind the main counter, are lacquered cabinets with shelves at the top and drawers at the bottom. Behind the central counter we see an upper module with 3 recesses adapted to the robot, which is located at the rear of the module and used to pick small packaged medication.

The walls on the left and right of the entrance are furnished with various types of shelving consisting of wooden slats and glass shelves. An agreeable highlight is the oak-finished cabinet in the herbal products area, consisting of a metal structure with a triangular roof.

The two columns of the locale are clad in a mould consisting of three panels on each side and an adjoined upholstered bench for customer use.

Another surprising detail is a module imitating an old vegetable cart, with two lacquered false wheels, to be used for product displays and to monitor blood pressure, when needed.

Also included in this locale are two gondola displays for products that combine lacquered and laminated wood with drawers at the bottom and shelves to increase their versatility.

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