Calzados Motila, 20 years later with Landa Ebanistería

calzados motila 20 years later
calzados motila 20 years later
calzados motila 20 years later

Interior Decoration:  SUBE Interiorismo

Year completed: 2017

Location: Calzados Motila. Basauri. Bizkaia

Materials used: white grain melamine and oak grain melamine with synchronised pores and white lacquer

Calzados Motila, Basauri. Bizkaia

It has been 20 years since we worked on the first locale for the Calzados Motila company; now, they have regained enough strength to expand their business and open a new shop in Basauri.

This project was worked on by the same team of designers that carried out the first project, SUBE Interiorismo.

The choice for the first locale was maple with magnolia and satin varnishes. However, the choice for this new premises consists of a combination of striated white melamine, striated oak melamine with synchronised pores and white lacquer.

Shelves with indirect LED lighting, embedded into some of the shelving and combined with ceiling lights.

In another area of the shoe shop we can see centred tables made of the same material, but with lathed legs lacquered in white, an allusion by the designers to old classic furniture styles, but with a simpler design.

The design is therefore lighter and matches this type of premises perfectly.

This locale saw an initial attempt at placing white-lacquered panelling, with different interconnected parts hiding the cutting surfaces. This design covers the entire wall leading to the bottom floor. The design is achieved with a bezel and top and bottom finishof the panelling using lacquered beech boards.

The ceiling of the entry to the locale shows a decorative motif of painted wood that meets the ceiling. The cut is exactly as shown in the drawings prepared by the interior decoration studio.

The two shop windows on the sides have the same finish as the interior, combining melamine and lacquer. Note that the lacquered lathe motif is repeated in one of the windows to create tables to exhibit footwear.