Burmuin Institute (Child Psychology). Bilbao

Interior design: Patricia Muguruza

Year of completion: 2009

Location: Burmuin Institute (Child Psychology) Alameda Rekalde, 46 2º derecha. 48010. Bilbao

Materials used: MDF board for on-site lacquering

Project details in child psychology office

The Burmuin Psychology Office is located in Calle Alameda Recalde, Bilbao. This property was produced on commission by Patricia Muguruza.

The work entirely involved MDF board for on-site lacquering. The entire premises were panelled and different furniture installed.

All of the furniture shared a common denominator: horizontal stripes. These were used for the front of the desk, the reception cupboard and on all panelling around the premises. Even the entrance door was covered with a board to match the other doors, with the same horizontal stripes.

All of these lines were at the same height throughout the premises, unifying it all with the colour, design and steel fixtures.

Inside the desk was a large drawer unit, with enough space for two work stations, and a reception cupboard acting as a hall wardrobe for clients and to store the necessary objects.