Showroom for the pharmaceutical company Cinfa in Navarre

Interior design: Sube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2019

Place: Olloki, Navarra

Materials used: laminate, oak MDF and lacquers.

Photography: Biderbost Photo


Cinfa is a multinational company dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. Its headquarters are in Olloki, in Navarre. The company was founded in 1969 and is a leading producer of generic medicines for the Spanish market.

We had the opportunity to carry out a spectacular job for this multinational company under the direction of Sube Interiorismo.

In a first phase we carried out the complete refurbishment of the reception and offices.

On completion of that work, we started manufacturing a show room following the detailed plans provided by Sube Interiorismo, and then went on to install it.

Picture gallery of the showroom for the Cinfa pharmaceutical company

A large showroom for Cinfa.

The plan was to create a showroom, so we created a beautiful pharmacy within the same offices to display the products that Cinfa sells. It needed to be a space designed for its target audience of pharmacy professionals and other customers, which is why the design required a different approach to that for the offices.

For Cinfa, Sube managed to create two totally different environments within the same style, providing its hallmark: elegance and warmth.

They created five spaces for different product lines. Each one has a beautiful and unique rotating counter, shelves for displaying different articles and a module with a screen installation.

Different images are displayed depending on the product or promotion to be featured. At the top of each space, there are decorative panels that add a touch of originality, with a wooden frame included and, between them, a light fixture that projects light onto the counter. The lighting is used to highlight the product on sale or the space itself.


Details of one of the departments

The different departments in the showroom have been created with all kinds of furniture: a counter, two chairs, shelves behind the counter and a central module with a screen. Other things to look out for are the detail of the frames on the ceiling, and the lamp hanging over the counter.

The counter is equipped with a drawer, and depending on the use intended for that area, it is possible to rotate it on a lower axis that goes to the floor, through which we have inserted the wiring for sockets and data connection.

The light installation can be seen on all the shelves under the circular worktop, which is made of wood-look laminate.
• The top panels are lacquered in grey and feature a customised design created by the interior design studio using numerical control.
• The lower part is a simulation of a drawer, inspired by more classical designs. It has straight mouldings and a straight central panel. It is a simple design that blends in well with the rest of the structure.


Detail of the cart with a wooden wheel.

The cart with a wooden wheel, used in pharmacies to measure people’s blood pressure, is another of the details created for the Cinfa showroom. It was made of a combination of white lacquer and wood laminate, to match everything else.

The wheels of the cart are another example of how a very professional result can be achieved at a reasonable cost using numerical control.

Space for the back room built for Cinfa.

Access to the back room is via a panel simulating old-fashioned pharmacy drawers, false drawers that flank the vertical sign for the back room.

This design was created using white lacquered MDF lettering, and the panel is laminated wood with lacquered lettering on top, with shell-shaped handles on the false drawer unit.

It is a classic design yet, at the same time, a good match with the pharmaceutical imaginary we all have. It contrasts sharply with the large door placed alongside. It is a louvred wooden door, lacquered in white, with a sliding system with guides at the top and a large wheel for decorative purposes.



Every detail has been included in the back room. It consists of a countertop, covered with white tiles and, at the front, there is a sliding door of special dimensions, divided into three pieces to shut off the entire kitchen area.


Details of the sliding doors in the pharmacy – showroom.

The three closed sliding doors have a central louvre, lacquered on two sides in white, with a light in the ceiling to make them stand out. As always, we have installed a good system to ensure that it works. This structure is very practical, functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. They lead to the kitchen area, where there is a varnished oak shelf for storing everyday items.

An original hexagon-shaped display has been recreated in this area, in the form of a honeycomb. Lacquered in white combined with oak laminate, it has a light on the top to highlight the beautiful design. This display unit links the pharmacy area and the office space, through a lacquered double door that serves as a link to the work area.


Signage in the Cinfa showroom using numerical control.

We would like to highlight the PHARMACY sign, made in lacquered letters with an oak laminate frame and attached to the ceiling and floor by means of a metal structure. We can see how the decoration studio has added light to these beautiful letters to make them stand out.


On the left side of the photo, we can see a pyramid-shaped display stand on wheels, with three shelf heights and drawers for storing products. The front of these drawers has the same design as the top of the shelves in each department.

Next to the sign there are two decorative hexagons made of oak laminate with channels to install LED lighting inside. White shelves, attached to the ceiling and floor by means of a metal structure, complete the structure of these display units.