Hotel O Camiño, in Durango

Habitación hotel Durango

Interior design: Lázaro Estudio

Year completed: 2022

Place: Durango (Bizkaia)

Materials used: oak wood.

Photographs: Erlantz Biderbost


Banco de la recepción


Two side panels were positioned on both sides of the entrance in the reception area of the hotel in Durango. They were made with a beak-shaped moulding, which can be seen in the upper part of them.

Several samples were produced to choose the right vertical slats for the space and we finally chose the ones with a triangular section. Once the thickness of the planks were chosen, we selected the oak wood.

The vertical slats were varnished and stained in a soft tone and placed on a wooden structure, separating it slightly from the wall. The reason is to make room for indirect light using LEDs to illuminate the letters with the hotel’s name from behind.

Varnished oak wood was used in the centre of the counter, with an exterior front to match the side panels. The central module, made of oak wood, was covered with black marble. Meanwhile, the interior is kept in plain oak, with cupboards with doors and pull-out shelves completing the ensemble.

In order to be able to comfortably carry out the daily activity, we added a swing door to access the inside of the counter area more easily.

A base to be used as a bench was created to complete the reception area. The wood used was also oak. Several support legs were created to guarantee its stability and solidity. It is complemented by an upholstered base in ecru to provide comfort.

Rooms in the hotel in Durango

All the hotel rooms are unified with an aesthetic criterion, adapting each piece of furniture (headboard, table, dressing table…) to each room. The measurements of each space were adjusted to achieve a beautiful proportion. Headboards, up to two metres high, were created with board coloured in a shade of grey, and with a special in-house finish Finsa with the joints marked vertically. The upper part of the headboard has a groove to install LEDs that favour indirect light towards the top and bottom.

Each headboard has its own special dimensions and they are not the same in every room. Some of them were made at two heights, keeping the indirect LED lighting towards the top. On one side of the headboard we placed a side table and on the other we placed a bedside table directly attached to the wall, creating a very unique design. The furniture combines oak board in natural colour with a special laminate in grey. All attached to the floor, with a white lacquered iron structure.

Detalle cabecero
Detalle muebles habitación