Auditorium | Auditorio Orona. Hernani

Orona Centre: Escalera y panelado en madera Auditorio Orona
Interior en madera de Orona Auditorium
Work with: Suria Suelos Técnicos

Year of completion: 2014

Location: Auditorium Orona. Orona Fundazioa. Jauregi Bidea S/N. Hernani.

Materials used: material by the company Composites Gurea, walnut and oak.

Orona centre in Hernani

It is not often that we come across such spectacular work in terms of beauty and difficulty. This means a new challenge when tackling projects such as the one in the photograph.

There is a fully lined meeting room (walls, floor and ceiling) using a material from the company Composites Gurea. This material is extremely hard and is made based on plywood with a walnut and oak veneer over it. In this case, we used this combination and this material, which includes tongue and groove for installation.

It was installed once strips had been applied to all of the walls and ceiling so that the panels could then be nailed and stuck with adhesives and specific materials. We used a board that was 18 centimetres in width, 2 centimetres thick and 160 cm in length.

Pieces in the form of a backlit trapezium can be seen at the sides, which form the logo of the Orona brand. There is a window above the seating area in the Auditorium with glazing that closes off the projection room. This entire wall was produced using the same material, but with grooves pressed into it for acoustic absorption.

Finally, an anecdote: the lights in the ceilings are precisely located to form the stars in the Hernani sky. This is yet to be confirmed…

We also produced a table in the stage area for speakers, including a lectern with everything necessary to handle the different technological elements required.