Nikkou Japanese restaurant in Algorta

nikkou japanese restaurant
nikkou japanese restaurant
nikkou japanese restaurant

Interior Decoration: Imanol Urkiza

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Andrés Cortina Kalea, 4 – Getxo. Bizkaia.

Materials used: ash and oak wood.

Nikkou Japanese restaurant – Algorta

This project consisted in renovation to expand an existing locale.

The entire façade is made from top-quality ash wood, consisting of two sections; one blind and the other with an opening for the door and a sash window.

The system was specially designed so the leaf that rises can be stopped at any point, where it stays balanced by a system of hydraulic pistons.

Soundproof glass was used along the entire façade and the wood finish is a natural water finish. The goal is to protect the wood and to give the surface a non-varnished appearance.

The upper part of the façade consists of a set of battens held in place by an iron platen, creating a design with different batten thicknesses as required by the project drawn up by Imanol Urkiza.

The interior reveals furniture consisting of tree roots and tables with tree-shaped board tops.

A wall panel made of bamboo was placed with two ideas in mind; to enhance aesthetics, as a framework for the rest of the decoration and to absorb sound in the dining room, a necessary feature in a restaurant.

The doors of the locale  are made of oak, some of which are sliding doors equipped with a Scrigno system for automatic closing, smooth surfaces and jambs and a matte finish that combines with the rest of the decoration, presenting an appearance as natural as possible.