Gozatu Bar in García Rivero. Bilbao

Entrada Bar Gozatu García Rivero
Interior Bar Gozatu en García Rivero
Detalle mobiliario Bar Gozatu en García Rivero

Interior design: Asier Osaba

Year of completion: 2011

Location: Bar Gozatu. García Rivero 6. Bilbao

Materials used: Oak wood

Details of the project for the local Bar Gozatu.

This was the first premises to be completed for the Gozatu chain of barsAs can be seen in the photograph, we made two large entrance doors to the bar as the only entrance. Doors in oak wood with slats in different widths running horizontally with metal handle.

An oak wood frame with highly resistant hinges is used to support the leverage of the wood itself and of the glass. This is because the door measures approximately one metre in width.

to the left of the door, before entering the bar, is a panel made of oak wood to match the panelling inside. In this case, interior backlighting is used.

In the section to the right, a clear window was fitted for the entry of natural light into the bar. The bar, as in all Gozatu bars, is made of lacquered plywood boat planking with high resistance lacquer to allow for use as a bar. Behind the bar is untreated oak wood shelving.

As in all of the company’s bars, the two large columns, through which the table area is accessed, are covered with boarding. Oak wood tables were also installed, along with chairs in various colours chosen by the decorator, a long bench running along one side with an upholstered oak wood base. This bar is equipped in several areas with exclusively designed auxiliary tables formed by boards stacked on top of each other.