Child’s room in Larrabetzu – Bizkaia


Interior designEstibaliz Martín

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Home in Larrabetzu

Materials used: beech wood and lacquer.

Child’s room in Larrabetzu

This child’s room was part of the complete renovation of a single-family home where a variety of work was carried out, including:

– A double bed unit with shelves and 9 drawers.

– Echelons with a horizontal groove marking the way and repeated on the smooth front with vertical stripes on the shelves. The entire structure is lacquered with thicknesses of between 4 and 6 cm and integrated door knobs.

– Dismountable railing. A smooth-faced closet fills the recess in the room, with vertical finger notches lacquered in white to match the rest of the home.

This type of construction is carried out in MDF prepared for lacquering, combined with beech wood. The wood was chosen to withstand the weight of the elements, such as the bed and stairway and to frame the entire unit.

This guarantees the firmness and stability of the furniture when raising or placing weight on the beds.