Single-family home in La Bilbaína (Laukariz-Mungia)


Interior designNatalia Zubizarreta

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Single-family home in La Bilbaína

Materials used: oak wood and lacquer.

Single-family home in La Bilbaína (Laukariz) – complete renovation

This project was carried out in a single-family home in La Bilbaína. The first photo shows the main foyer of the house, which opens to the basement, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

In line with most of our recent projects in homes, we removed the two doors opening to the living room and replaced them with a smooth arch to gain space from the foyer and add it to the living room.

At the rear of the bathroom there is an oak counter with another lacquered counter underneath, housing storage baskets.

To the right is the lacquered bookshelf in the living room, consisting of three segments, which, as shown in the following photo, consist of an upper section, doors at the bottom and three wide drawers in the centre. The entire structure is built in lacquered MDF and the baseboard matches the colours in the living room.

The idea was to maintain a classic boiserie but simplifying it by widening the upper face to place light fixtures.

Finally, there are two doors with their original trim in a single frame, white handles (not popular until now but becoming fashionable), smooth door jambs and steel fittings.