La Despensa saludable of Igeretxe | La Despensa Healthy&Eco in Bilbao


Interior designUpper Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Bilbao

Materials used: lacquered wood, oak-finished laminate.

Photo: Biderbostphoto


La Despensa del Igeretxe en Bilbao

La Despensa saludable of Igeretxe. La Despensa Healthy&Eco in Bilbao


A shop on Alameda de Urquijo in Bilbao that sells pre-cooked meals and other food products.

The locale was renovated and designed with similar elements adapted to the size of the premises, using rather thick lacquered wood and oak-finished laminate in combination with solid wood sections and laminate.

A series of product refrigerators are located in the centre of the locale, with stripped panelling all around provided with openings to assist in cooling the motors. All these elements are finished in white lacquer, including an upper ledge used to display products. A series of side doors were placed on all four sides to access the storage space inside.

The rear of the counter is made of oak, combined with oak laminate from the Finsa company, doors at the bottom for storage, drawers in the middle and a top shelf for product displays. Shelves were placed on the sides of the refrigerators, opposite the counter, with the same finish. The refrigerators were encased with finger-jointed lacquered boards matching the central elements so the bottom of the refrigerator can be accessed at any time.

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