Christmas sleigh. MegaPark Barakaldo.


Year of completion: 2018

Location: MegaPark Barakaldo

Materials used: MDF, iron

Wooden Christmas sleigh, MegaPark in Barakaldo

A very special project for the Christmas season, located in MegaPark Barakaldo, a sleigh made of mahogany MDF with drawings on the sides and sunken areas painted in ecru.

With the intention of creating a Christmas experience for the whole family, we designed a very realistic sleigh with a classic look and a satin finish. The metal base is made of iron and painted black. We chose glossy black paint in this case, though it is not currently a popular choice.

We added a base of two metal non-slip steps for anyone who wanted their picture taken to climb onto the sleigh.

A cylindrical decorative element was placed at the front, right above the red “Fashion outlet” sign.

One of the most striking features is found at the top of the sleigh. The cap-shaped curve generates a much warmer setting for visitors who want to see Santa Claus during the Christmas season.