Refurbishment of Bar el Gallinero in Bilbao

Gallinero Bar: Interior de madera
Barra de madera en Bar El Gallinero

Interior design: SUA Interiorismo (Susana Gil – Ignacio Andreiñua)

Year of completion: 2014

Location: Bar El Gallinero. Licenciado Poza. Bilbao

Materials used: Solid pine wood and beechwood

Detail of the refurbishment of Bar el Gallinero. Bilbao

Located in Calle Licenciado Poza in Bilbao, this bar has been refurbished with the idea of a complete change of image, decorating it with natural materials in which we basically used solid pine wood and beechwood.

In all cases with extremely matt varnishes for wood so that the varnish is barely noticed.

We used more solid varnishes on the bar top for a better cover over the wood and, in turn, for greater resistance, thus losing the natural appearance given on the wall panelling.

The pine wood is treated with tints that allow for the grain and knots in the wood to remain visible and to provide the bar with some colour.

The bar is made of beechwood battens that cover the existing bar so as not to weaken the point where it is joined to the wall.

As can be seen in the bottle storage, similar panelling was used to create squares over which chicken mesh was attached, with shavings of wood attached to the inside to give the appearance of a real hen house.

The unit behind the bar follows the lines of the rest of the bar, including 2 large black lacquer sections to provide 2 surfaces on which to write menus or messages to the clientèle.

Finally, a large number of baskets supplied by the owner were attached to the ceiling for decoration (the wicker is in line with the rest of the decoration) and to act as perfect sound absorption, suitable for a bar of this type.

The toilet doors are integrated into the front panelling that can be seen with pine boarding and a huge Z around the two doors (ladies’ and gents’) and that of the kitchen, which is open in the photograph.