Campus Bookshop in Areeta and Bilbao

campus bookshop areeta

Interior DecorationMitxel Landa

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Librería Campus. Shops in Areeta and Bilbao. Bizkaia.

Materials used: white lacquer, variation of coloured laminates.

Librería Campus in Areeta

This bookshop, stationery and souvenir shop is located in an old locale of the Inditex Group. It has been renovated and adapted to its current use, for which the locale has been divided into three large areas.

The first area is dedicated to selling all manner of books. It has been furnished with bookshelves, combining white and dark grey and light natural wood, which also combines well with the floor.

The bookshelves can be height-adjusted to make the most of shelving space. The shelves can be adapted to any book size and include a lower forward-placed shelf to exhibit best sellers and new additions.

The centre of the bookshop is furnished with a series of islands built in black, with enough room to exhibit recent literary editions separately. Sectioned panels were placed on the existing columns to hang product displays.

The second area is reserved for stationery, consisting of a light coloured island with doors at the bottom for storage and a double-sided staggered tray at the top used for displays. The entire perimeter is furnished with shelves holding stationery products and the main counter has been placed in this area for payments and customer service.

The third area is the part dedicated to the sale of all manner of souvenirs, furnished with islands and shelves lacquered in white.

Both the bookshop and the stationery area arelaminated in different tones of colour, while the souvenirs area is lacquered in white.

Two shop window areas have also been adapted, one to showcase bookshop material, furnished with display trays and wall-mounted bookshelves and another for smaller material, which is furnished with a display base and hanging display panel.