Offices of navas-sa, Sestao

zona de staff Navas SA.

Project: Sube Interiorismo

Year completed: 2021

Location: Trapagaran (Bizkaia)

Photographs: Erlantz Biderbost

Materials used: laminate lacquered in white and oak.

The company navas-sa refurbishes its office facilities in Trapagaran (Bizkaia).

Founded in 1990, it is a family business that installs advanced control and management systems for air conditioning, ventilation and acoustic systems. It has a technical and innovation office with a reception area and several offices and meeting rooms. This company’s hallmark is its commitment to the environment and innovation in its actions.

Access staircase to the navas-sa offices

Access to the navas-sa offices is via a long staircase. In order to give it a greater visibility, we introduced a high skirting board on the sides, with two pieces to hide an LED underneath the skirting boards. The handrail was made in an oak finish to match the stair treads. This way we achieve a spectacular, elegant entrance. Before entering the offices we can see the company logo.

Escaleras de acceso a las oficinas de navas-sa
Recepción de las oficinas de navas-sa
Recepción de las oficinas de Recepción de las oficinas de navas-sa

Details of the navas-sa reception area

The reception counter for customer service was made from synchronised pore melamine, with white lacquered worktop and shelves. The company logo is also lacquered and placed on the front of the counter.

Blockboard panelling in the same laminate was used for all the reception work area. We clad the ceiling and the back wall, floor to ceiling, with slats. Office furniture for document storage was put in place on top of these.

Suelo de las oficinas Recepción de las oficinas de Recepción de las oficinas de navas-sa

The floor was made from oak-finish laminate. A lacquered skirting board with a groove was placed on top of this to give it more texture. The windows in the meeting room and the management office were made of the same material. By using the same materials, it was possible to create harmony between the different spaces in the navas-sa offices.

The windows have crosspieces on the glass and lacquered doorjambs. The doors are of a special size, from floor to ceiling with lacquered doorjambs, and the door leaves are made from laminate to match the rest. White Formani handles and steel fittings are fitted, paying great care and attention to detail.

Sala de reuniones Navas S.A.

Meeting room

There is a floor to ceiling partition wall in the meeting room, with a beautiful lacquered frame, accompanied by an oak laminate mounting. A piece of furniture with doors, designed with horizontal slats and lacquered in white, was positioned on the left. It is designed with a gap at the top to house plants, like a planter. Next to it, there is a door with glass panels to access the staff area via three stairs.

Sala de reuniones Navas S.A.

The warm, contemporary meeting room with an oak table can be seen from the outside of the navas-sa offices. The back wall was covered with a mural in an oak finish, matching the reception area. A central recess was created with a recess to serve as a support, thus creating a perfect area to place a screen.

zona de staff Navas SA.

Staff area

The staff area is equipped with work tables in oak that is combined with white. A large oak finish corporate sign was put in place, with the name navas|sa, the letters of which were made in our workshop, using the numerical control machine.

On the left hand side, a spectacular floor-to-ceiling shelving system was created to store filing cabinets and documentation. A very practical shelf with a well-thought-out design. The doors at the bottom are lacquered and the rest is made entirely from oak laminate combined with white lacquer.

Management office

The management office is equipped with white and oak office furniture, with a blockboard ceiling, matching the ceilings in the reception and meeting room, all made from oak laminate fitted as coving. This allowed us to meet the requirements that navas-sa conveyed to us and fit in with Sube Interiorismo’s beautiful design.

Small details that make a difference

We would like to highlight a detail in the wall letters with the customer’s logo, made of oak plywood. We have varnished them in a natural finish, slightly glazing them to match the finish of the oak laminate that we put on the floor and walls.

At Landa Ebanistería we know how important the small details are, which make spaces and projects generally stand out.

Despacho de dirección Navas S.A.
detalle Navas S.A.