Man shop, since 1924 in Bilbao

Man 1924 Shop: Detalle de diseño en maderas
Suelos y mobiliario en maderas, Tienda Man 1924

Interior design: Designer Ana Roquero

Year of completion: 2011

Location: Man 1924 Shop. C/ Ercilla 21. Bilbao

Materials used: oak, lacquered MDF board

Detail of the furniture construction project

This is a unit we installed together with the designer Ana Roquero for the brand Man, which deals in the design and sale of clothing. The unit includes the sales areas, and office and administration area (on the upper floor).

We started the work by fitting oak flooring with a central store point that is raised three steps above street level. It is accessed by three oak steps made of a single piece each, descending using another three steps to the back of the unit. This area is used to take customer measurements and for the changing room area.

As usual, the flooring was fitted using larch strips treated against woodworm. The 14 centimetre wide oak board flooring was then installed and left ready for planing and varnishing. Three layers of water-based organic varnish with a natural finish were applied.

Once the floor had been completed, black plywood shelving was made. In turn, an L-shaped counter was produced to deal with the public, formed by all of the necessary elements (such as the hole for the computer box). This element is black to match the façade.

The shop windows were produced in black lacquered MDF board, lining the inside and preparing them for the installation of spotlights, with access from inside the premises.

Furthermore, to the right when seen from the street, there is another shop window in which a white lacquer screen was installed to act as s 10 centimetre thick dividing wall with shelving facing inwards. All of this was produced in MDF and lacquered with very hard polyurethane lacquer.

Finally, we also produced furniture for the different areas of the unit, including display modules with glass in the area located at the back of the unit and shelving for private use in the upper area used as offices