Öttel Home

Interior designin56

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Home in Barrika.

Materials used: various dark-tinted types of wood

Photo: Biderbostphoto


ottel home

Öttel Home. Barrika

The project was carried out in its entirety. The home has two floors:

  • The main floor consists of an open area for the kitchen, dining room and bathroom.
  • The second floor houses the main bedroom.

    Detailed design of the main floor

    Work in the living room consisted in the construction of a bookcase and living room unit nearly 8 meters long, with wooden doors dyed almost black. A recess of one centimetre was left between the doors forming a mosaic and the doors were all designed the same way.

    However, a variety of opening mechanisms were used, resulting in a combination of folding, collapsible and front-opening doors.

    The design proposed by the decoration team for the interior of the bookcase was oak lathing that merges on the right with a vertical panel up to the ceiling.

    As seen in another photo, the left-hand side consists of panelling that covers the bathroom wall completely and leaves an area for a door perfectly integrated with the same wooden strips.

    The inside of the bookcase is laminated, with the exception of the niches, which are made of wood and match the oak lathing.

    Opposite the bookcase is an L-shaped oak table with a natural finish and joined to the kitchen island.

    Distribution of the second floor

    The room on the second floor was designed with two doors. This enables dividing the area into two rooms in the future.

    The doors are floor to ceiling, lacquered and provided with a recessed oak handle with vertical grooves, as seen in the photo.

    A finger slot allows the door to be opened from the inside.


    A spectacular bed headboard with a surprising design.


    A wardrobe was built between the doors, facing the corridor. This structure was used to make a spectacular bed headboard with decorative diamond-shaped inserts.

    Grooved oak was used for the bed headboard to create a picturesque design.

    Featured here is the diamond-shaped geometric design and the squares finished in natural varnish, on which the tables were placed.

    This ingenious solution conceals the rear of the closet facing the hallway.

    A lacquered closet was included in the same room, with smooth doors in the same colour as the wall so it would go unnoticed. Thus, the decorative impression achieved was that of panelling.

    The room design included preparing this closet so a division could be made in the future between this area and the bed headboard to add another room to the home.

    We thoroughly enjoyed this project due to the originality of the design.