Wooden furniture for a home in Amorebieta

Desk: Detalle escritorio de madera, vivienda en Amorebieta
Detalle cabecero de madera, vivienda en Amorebieta


Year of completion: 2011

Location: Amorebieta. Bizkaia.

Materials used: MDF board

Details of the furniture project for a home

We worked with SUBE Contract in this home to produce some of the furniture for the home. How the needs posed for the headboard in the master bedroom and the desk in one of the youngster’s bedrooms were met by the decoration studio is explained below.

The headboard for the master bedroom was lacquered, made of MDF board with 3 recesses. The upper recess as support, acting as an upper bedside table, and the two side recesses prepared to house the bedside tables.

  • The interior structure involved pine and all of the joints were mitre joints so that none of the edges of the sheets used were visible, giving the feeling of being a single sculptured block.
  • The headboard was adjusted to the wall without any superimposed batten, with clean joints around the perimeter to blend it in.
  • We made two customised bedside tables for the side recesses in line with the design made by SUBE Interiorismo, with one module formed by a drawer and a gap.

The soft-close drawer included a hidden metal runner, and the module was supported on cross-shaped solid beech legs to ensure sufficient resistance to withstand the weight without breaking and, in turn, to use a wood that does not move excessively in the event of temperature changes, making it suitable for lacquering.

Like the headboard, all joints were mitre joints. The handle used was shell-shaped in reminiscence of older styles, in combination with the modern feel to the unit.

In the case of the desk, it was lacquered with a rectangular top, all made of MDF board (this material is ideal for lacquering, it is a stable material with minimum joint movement).

A lower drawer module is used as a base for the desk, with two drawers with interior and exterior lacquering, hidden metal runner with soft close made by Hettich (Germany) to guarantee a minimum number of openings without having to replace runners for the next 15 years!

  • An MDF top is placed on the previous module and secured using hardware to leave an upper surface treated with harder lacquer, as it is to receive greatest use.
  • Two units with two drawers on top of this. In this case, we used old systems without runners, due to the small size of the drawers. The drawer was adjusted to the gap and slides lacquer against lacquer with a stop to prevent it from coming out of place.
  • The top provides a very useful shelf and the entire unit is attached to the wall previously lined with 20 cm moulded slats, installed using dovetail joints and attached to the wall using fast-drying adhesives. Ending with an upper and lower finish when the slats meet the ceiling and the floor.