Wardrobe in Child’s bedroom. Home in Bilbao

Wardrobe in child's bedroom
Wardrobe in child's bedroom
Interior designMacarena Barcia

Year of completion: 2009

Location: Child’s bedroom. Home in Bilbao

Materials used: Imitation maple wood melamine.

Child’s wardrobe bedroom in Home in Bilbao

Wardrobe in home in Bilbao designed by Macarena Barcia in child’s bedroom. As can be seen, it is a 4-leaf wardrobe with four squares and each door with recessing in the leaf.

It includes a side shelf to make the most of the gap between the wardrobe and the column. The wardrobe doors include hidden hinges and the interior is made of imitation maple wood melamine.

Shelves, hanger elements and drawers were also installed, all in line with the needs indicated by the Owner.