Asesoría Vizcaya, offices in Bilbao

Decoration: Landa Ebanistería

Year of completion: 2010

Location: Asesoría Vizcaya, Gran Vía 31. Bilbao

Materials used: tea wood floor, cherry wood

Detail of the refurbishment in Asesoría Vizcaya. Example with oval-shaped table.

In the Asesoría Vizcaya offices (in Calle Gran Vía, Bilbao), we were faced with the challenge of producing several work areas in a period building, partly maintaining the decoration of the building itself and fulfilling all of the uses required by the owner.

Cherry wood panelling was installed in the management area, with lacquered wood in an intermediate area and, finally, a third area in melamine, which is the most suitable material for work in areas of heaviest traffic.

  • The management area was produced in cherry wood with panelled cover plates at a height of 140 centimetres, varnished in a satin finish with upper trim mouldings and 15 centimetre high moulded traditional-style skirting. Combined with classic style bookcases with an upper cornice and a management table with leather-encrusted moulding.
  • A similar design was used in the intermediate area, made of beech wood that is suitable for lacquering, as it is a wood with little movement. We kept the same design in this area in terms of cover plate mouldings and frames, but with a lighter decoration using white lacquer combined with the recovery of tea wood doors and, finally, with desks in which elements such as glass, steel and water were used.
  • Maple-finish melamine tables were installed in the third area, with straight lines and no moulding and lacquered wall panels to a height of one metre with 20-centimetre vertical battens.

We also used the 4-metre oval-shaped table in the meeting room.

  1. It had a stainless steel oval encrusted in the centre, with the entire perimeter of the room panelled to match the rest of the office.
  2. There was also a cupboard simulating a period wardrobe, with four doors on a sliding system. This structure retracted to the sides to leave a large screen in the centre for use when giving presentations.

As can be seen in the photo, the tea wood floor was planed to preserve the existing floor in the building.