Bar Gozatu in Plaza Nueva Bilbao

Interior design: Asier Osaba

Year of completion: 2012

Location: Bar Gozatu. Plaza Nueva. Bilbao

Materials used: Lacquer and untreated oak

Detail of the renovation project in Bar Gozatu, decorated in unplaned oak

The premises are one of three owned by the chain, in which a common appearance is maintained by combining lacquer and oak. The overhang is in mat finish using a very hard lacquer for both tables and the bar.

Oak is used on the tables in natural board with solid oak edges and on all wall panels on the premises and on the façade. It is unplaned and is left as it is supplied from the lumber mill, secured to the walls or doors. The joints between board and board involve a rustic fit that, despite giving the feeling of being fitted at random, is a time-consuming job.

It involves achieving a specific appearance. During the process, some panels already in place had to be removed until the required finish was achieved.

One of the distinguishing signs of this chain of bars is the appearance of the supporting wall. It involves boards stacked on top of each other to give the feeling of a load of wood, although it is actually a hollow piece with the exterior simulating otherwise.

The interior of the bar is made using sections, leaving half-open boards with interior light to backlight the wood.