Cinfa Laboratorios offices in Olloki, Navarre

Cinfa Laboratorios offices
Cinfa Laboratorios offices
Cinfa Laboratorios offices

Interior design: Sube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2019

Location: Olloki, Navarra

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Materials used: Laminated oak wood and white laminate with oak grain

Offices of the Cinfa pharmaceutical company


Landa Ebanistería has collaborated in the decoration and furnishing of the Cinfa Laboratories offices located in the one of the wings of a large building in Olloki, Navarre.

Central to the reception area of the Cinfa offices is a white counter that combines lacquered and stratified wood. An overlying section has been added to the counter top for customer convenience and comfort.

Inside the counter is a table with drawers designed by the interior design studio and led lights have been included at the bottom to provide indirect floor lighting.

The counter is located between a column and a wall clad in laminated oak wood with wood grain.

The hallway design consists of square panels with 4 mm joints between boards, matching the combinations between the wall cladding and the partitions.

The top and bottom of the laminated oak wood wall panels are blind, with a large glass pane in the centre.

As shown in the photographs, the doors are furnished with steel-coloured hinges and Formani handles.

The partitions, doors and panels are all installed from the floor to the ceiling.

One of the doors opens to the manager’s office, where we find the same oak panelling and white shelving, recessed into the wall. The office furniture consists of matching tables and drawer modules.

The rooms are separated by glass partitions made of bolted moulding encased in the panelling. Either ribbing or bolted moulding has been used, depending on each panel.

The meeting room has a recessed shelving area, similar to that of the manager’s office. The room is provided with two closets, one a wardrobe and the other for catering purposes intended for visitors or company meetings. The other side of the room is furnished with another set of shelves, a central panel to place the screen and two side pieces of furniture with horizontal grids for proper ventilation of the electronic equipment required for meetings.

Outside the area reserved for management we find an open area furnished with special tables and furniture that serve as semi-partitions. These follow two modules: one of these is topped with an open rectangular box for artificial plants or flowers, with decorative horizontal slats underneath.

Both modules are furnished with doors from top to bottom and interior shelving to store office materials. 

The modules are made from white laminated, oak-grained wood from Finsa.

 One of the most attractive features of this project is the distinct sensation harmony and warmth in this area of the building.