Use of iroko wood in Ardotegi Iturri bar in Tolosa

Interior design: Onn Arquitectura Interior

Year of completion:

Location: Tolosa. Gipuzkoa

Materials used: Gloss white lacquer and iroko wood

Iroko wood in Bar Ardotegi Iturri. Tolosa

Bar designed by the company Onn from Erandio, in which two materials were combined: gloss white lacquer and iroko wood, mostly battened.

Behind the bar is an auxiliary unit for bottles, coffee maker, till, etc., equipped with doors and drawers. This unit was designed to be very narrow due to the characteristics of the bar. Gloss white lacquer with the vertical elements sloping, which means that each of the shelves must be adjusted to the correct gradient, depending on the height at which it is installed.

The kitchen enclosure includes a glazed swing door and a wooden window facing outwards. The work being performed in the kitchen can be seen from the exterior. This entire section involves 5 cm wide battens.

The door is built into the entire section and surrounds a table area to create a cube inside the bar with three fully lined walls.

In front of the bar are two auxiliary shelves made of wood, varnished in a natural colour to contrast with the stone wall.

At the rear is a long bench that serves two tables made of natural wood with upholstered sections on seat and backrest. The toilet doors are dark marengo grey in colour with a high gloss finish and all fixtures in steel, as in the rest of the bar.