Farmazia San Pelaio in Zarautz (Gipuzkoa)

Interior DecorationSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Farmazia San Pelaio. Zarautz. Gipuzkoa.

Materials used: white, blue and oak coloured lacquer.

Farmazia San Pelaio in Zarautz

Here we present a project for a pharmacy in Zarautz, with a very original design, not found in the decoration we are used to seeing in pharmacies. Decoration consisted in using three different lacquer colours; white, oak and bluecombined with design tiles and stoneware. Even the shapes of the shelves, described below, are not commonly found.

Our attention is drawn first to the wood floor, delimiting the area for the public with a wood ceiling in the same shape as the floor. This is the area reserved for the counters, display shelves and access to the storage room where the robot-driven drawer unit is located.

The counters are furnished with drawers designed specifically for pharmacies, partitioned for each product. Behind the counters are rack-driven up and down sliding trays, with drawers at the bottom to store products.

The public display area contains two different modules:

  • One is anacelle-shaped product display, of which there are two, lacquered in white combined with white and oak laminate, in the shape of a pyramid so the products at the top do not obstruct the view of products at the bottom, and two forward-facing drawer cabinets with false drawers on the other side.
  • The second module isa blue and oak-coloured counter used to serve the publicwith a wood-lacquered wheel on each side, a table area for individual customer service and the rest of the counter, used to display a variety of products.

Next to this counter there are shelves in two areas, lacquered in a combination of white, blue and oak. The lathing is a reflection of classic furniture, with less complex shapes, to adapt the aesthetics of the locale.

This furniture is equipped with height-adjustable shelves, a bottom storage drawer and an area in the top centre to place product identification signs. At the top of this piece of furniture is LED lighting above which are placed interior plants, enhancing the decoration.

The columns behind the counters are clad with wood laminate, on which rustic decorative nails are seen, to simulate a rustic covering of pine or oak.

The window area on the left is finished with oak laminate, giving access to the office area used for personalised service.  This consists of nine glass panes and a door with three sections, also made of glass.

The façade is made of white aluminium. The words in the shop window read KOSMETIKA and FARMACIA. The letters are made of plywood dyed in oak, placed over a base, where LED lighting is installed. The photograph shows the effect of the light on the letters, all of which rests on an industrial design of 6 wheels measuring approximately 10 centimetres. The edges of the letters, the lined design of the plywood and the horizontal grain at the front simulate oak. In addition, in one of the shop windows there are two heights of shelves to bridge the height of the glass in the window. This allows for a larger surface area to display large-format products.

The hanging wooden roof was achieved by preparing drawings to define the latching points that the structure would hang from and ensuring that the structure coincided with the false wooden ceiling. The structure was fastened by specific supports that are compatible with the false ceiling.
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