UP Quality Fitness Club at the Ayala Theatre, Bilbao


Interior design: Decoration Studio SUBE CONTRACT

Year of completion: 2010

Location: UP Quality Fitness Clubs – UP gym at the Ayala Theatre in Bilbao

C/ Manuel Allende Kalea, 18, 48010 Bilbao

Materials used: shiny lacquer panels

Details of the project in the gym of the old Ayala Theater

Located in Calle Manuel Allende in Bilbao. This has been one of the most attractive projects of recent years in terms of design, difficulty in its construction and volume of work,

As it is one of the largest gyms in Bilbao.

The gym was built in the old building that housed the Ayala Theatre.

Great importance was given to the design of the work completed for the UP Gym. It has a spectacular entrance, with shiny lacquered panels along the sides, backlit with LED.

The panels match together in different shapes, on different slants and levels so that no piece fits in the same way as the next. All in all, with the added difficulty of the panels being 360 in height and a circular gap in the centre where the gym’s logo is housed.

There are two artificial stars in the ceiling, under which several lacquered battens were installed in line with the design, laid out randomly.

The rooms are accessed from the corridor: the gym waiting room, equipped with sofas and different types of chair, a lounge, another office area and, finally, an area to access the changing rooms or the upper floors.

The office is equipped with a polygonal-design table lacquered in shiny white and, to divide these three areas, a screen in the shape of a giant lattice made of MDF, finished in shiny white lacquer.

In the lounge, a ceiling was covered with wood-imitation laminate, changing the direction of the grain, as in the bookcase that simulates a fireplace. In the rest of the property, mirrors were installed in all rooms, skirting, etc.