Flat in the old town of Donosti

old town donosti
old town donosti

Interior DecorationUrbana 15

Year of completion: 2017

Location: Flat in the old town of Donosti

Materials used: walnut wood, lacquer (three colours).

old town donosti

Old Town of Donosti – complete renovation of a flat

This home in Donosti underwent a complete renovationLacquered doors and baseboard were used, in various colours, selected by the project manager.

Straight trim doors, jambs and baseboard were chosen. Intertwined rungs were made between the jambs and the baseboard. Each door, frame and wall were edged for uninterrupted effect.

The first images show the main bedroom.

A smooth rectangular headboard was made of walnut wood, with vertical veneer and inter-joined veneer boarding. An even design was achieved leaving the top of the headboard visible. A decorative groove runs along the top panel, although the walnut grain can be seen rising to the top of the headboard.

The night tables were lacquered to match the rest of the home.

A closet divided into two parts was made in the same room:

  • The left side of the closet has upholstered doors with lacquered batten lining.
  • The right-hand section has smooth doors with a vertical hangnail and a vertical decorative groove.

The inside of the closet is made of fabric laminate distributed indrawers, areas for hangers and shelves for clothes.

This section also includes the installation of a chimney in the closet finished with a perimeter slat lacquered to match the rest of the closet.

The same three colours of lacquer were used in the rest of the home.

Three pieces of bathroom furniture were adapted to the available openings, two with acrylic rock washbasins included, adapted to the furniture and another placed in the bath recess, for towel storage.

A further detail of the quality work carried out was the replacement of the door accessing the home. The exterior was made to match the rest of the doors giving onto the stairway and the interior designed to match the doors inside the home.