Arrago Meatza Restaurant. Ortuella

Interior design: SUBE Interiorismo [more info]

Year of completion: 2007

Location: Arrago Meatza Restaurant. Ortuella. Bizkaia

Materials used: lacquered MDF board

Detail of the interior project in Arrago Meatza Restaurant, with Sube Interiorismo

In Ortuella. Produced by Sube interiorismo.

This restaurant (Arrago Meatza) was made entirely of lacquered MDF board.

As can be seen, sections measuring almost 4 and a half metres in height were used, which forced us to make a horizontal joint, laying out the boards in the patterns produced by the designer in the form of random vertical stripes, producing a repetitive and continual pattern over all of the walls, up the stairway, over the balustrade and on the wall of the upper floor accessing the storeroom and toilets.

The bar furniture was also made of the same MDF board, combined with black marble like the entire restaurant. The great difficulty of this restaurant lied in the 4-metre tall sections and finishing them at the top so that they could act as a balustrade.

This finish was not to be lacquered on the upper floor and, therefore, the balustrade piece on the upper floor had to be included in a piece with the 4-metre board. This was achieved to give a perfect finish. As a detail, the entire top of the upper balustrade was booth-lacquered in our Leioa plant.

Two shelves were produced for the table area, one on an upper level and another on a lower level with reinforced drawers for cutlery, shelves for glasses and plates, including doors for storing tablecloths and everything that the staff required to serve the restaurant tables. A bottle rack was even installed on the side of one of the units.

In the bar area, panelling was installed mid-height to match the rest of the restaurant, with tables combining black marble and lacquer. This area leads to the toilets, with integrated doors with a similar finish.