Home in Cantabria

Interior design: Sube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2019

Location: Cantabria

PhotoBiderbost Photo

Materials used: oak, lacquered in various colours.



Home in Cantabria
Home in Cantabria

 Home in Cantabria


The three stories of this home in Cantabria were completely renovated. We present a selection of the highlights of the renovation.

The living room on the bottom floor was redistributed into several living areas, one of which is located in the area where the roof was enlarged toward the yard, where the pool is. This area contains a blue bookshelf with doors at the bottom and shelves at the top, all following a traditional structure.

The bookshelf has the following features:

  • Deep recesses with shelves and vertical columns, but with a grooved rear panel.
  • Doors with a central panel, also with a grooved pattern.
  • The top with no cornice, two lamps placed in the recessed columns and Formani handles on the doors.

These handles can be seen throughout the home, lacquered in blue to match the upholstery of the sofa, as shown in the photograph.

In another of the areas of the living room there is a bookshelf in a similar style: the colour is beige, obtained by an aged lacquer finish, while the rear is finished with oak coloured wood, Shelves divide the deep recesses and there is space in the centre for the television. The vertical elements of the bookshelf run from the floor to the ceiling. A white-lacquered window matching the rest of the decoration was placed between the two areas to increase the amount of natural light.  

The entry to the guest bathroom is also on the bottom floor. This bathroom features a wash-stand made in laminated synchronised porous oak, a new material from Finsa.

Finally, we come to one of the bedrooms in the first story, where we see a study table lacquered in white with several interesting details and solid oak legs. Its white metal structure highlights the legs and the composition achieves the appearance of a modernised classical desk.

The desk is complemented with a smooth-edged bookshelf, tailor-made for the recessed wall, lacquered in blue and decorated with paper stars. Both doors and rear are grooved. The details, such as handles and mounted light fixtures, are white.

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