Ibaizabal Kafetegia. Durango

Interior Ibaizabal Kafetegia
Barra de madera Ibaizabal Kafetegia
Mobiliario de madera Ibaizabal Kafetegia

Interior design: Estudio Tres S.L.

Year of completion: 2007

Location: Ibaizabal Kafetegia. Bilbao

Materials used: Pine wood

Project details in a coffee shop

These cafeteria premises are made completely of pine wood.

Starting with the façade area, windows prepared for acoustic insulation were installed with a lower area and upper area, entrance doors with a pointed arch at the top and cover plate at the bottom, with vertical slats, all in solid pine wood with striated jambs at the sides, an English style commonly used recently in the restaurant business.

We combined two colours: natural pine and pine tinted in walnut colour.

Inside the unit, the table area was marked out, surrounded by a plain, rhombus-shaped balustrade with turnings at each end, an auxiliary cupboard for waiters with two lower doors, two drawers, a central gap and a glass cabinet at the top.

The front of the bar was divided into pieces by way of striated vertical legs and each section divided in turn by a moulded horizontal strip. The 2 with vertical pine wood frieze, white lacquer from the moulding upwards and natural varnished pine from the moulding downwards, to match the rest of the premises.

The bar top was made of strips of chestnut wood with the front round-moulded and, above it, a column is covered on four sides with lower moulding, upper moulding, frame with pointed arch and, instead of a cover plate, in this case a mirror was installed.

The unit behind the bar was produced in the style of an English bookcase, formed by:

  • Striated vertical legs
  • Skirting and moulded top
  • Upper cornice
  • Upper decorative pieces on arch
  • Moulded shelves and interior doors
  • Hidden light at the top to illuminate the bottle rack and the coffee machine area

All accompanied by a wooden ceiling cornice around the entire premises. Finally, the furniture was made of beech wood tinted in the same walnut shade as the balustrades.