Our history dates back to the year 1961:
Javier Landa Petralanda founded Ebanistería Landa S.L.,
then known as Carpintería J. Landa, at the age of 21.
He worked for 26 years in a shop located next to what was Leioa station.

Amaia Landa

Manager | P.R. and Institutions | Administration, H.R. and Finance Manager


Mitxel Landa

Manager | Head of business and design | Relations with decoration and interior design studios

Amaia joined the company in 1987, becoming full-time in 1994. She has been responsible for defining, proposing and promoting improvements in the in-house areas of the company and for communicating the evolution of the Landa Ebanistería brand externally.

Public Relations for the company and contact with Decoration and Interior Design professionals and Institutions. She works actively with the latter in the disseminating of good business practice.

Involved in the decoration and design of spaces since 1986. He has worked for different companies in fashion and jewellery, as well as in the design of premises and the implementation of projects.
He took over the General Management of Landa Ebanistería in 2005, and promotes the brand by taking part in nationwide projects. He is responsible for the new business lines developed by the company alongside the production of wooden furniture.
Landa Ebanistería has a numeric control machining centre.
This gives a professional finish, a precise cut and a customised result in line with the needs of each project.
We use our raw material: boards and solid wood.
The woodworking shop dealt exclusively in home furniture.

Over the years and with the growth of department stores, Landa Ebanistería now specialises in the production of wooden furniture for shops, although it still produces furniture on order.

A variety of services for companies that enables us to offer our customers the possibility of making any type of design, whether it is curved, tapered, etc.

The shop moved to the new facilities in Maximo Agirre, Lamiako (Leioa), a boost that enabled us to improve the carpentry installations, and modernise the production and management resources and systems.

Retail decoration is an important change in terms of lines, with a combination of more varied and modernised structural shapes that include the details of traditional furniture, such as marquetry, carvings, etc., which is where Landa Ebanistería provides its experience in furniture and shops.

Decorative trends undergo yet another change known as “minimalism”, which simplifies shapes but required more perfect finishes. A type of furniture with a clean design in terms of lines, which completely disrupts what are now the old methods of furniture production. The services offered by Landa Ebanistería respond to this trend, strengthening its bonds with leading decoration and interior design studios in Bizkaia. Alongside this, a line of customised wardrobes for private customers seeking quality finishes rather than the existing mass offers.