Gimnasio B3B in Madrid

b3b woman studio gym
b3b woman studio gym
b3b woman studio gym

Interior DecorationSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2016

Location: Gimnasio B3B. Calle de Ayala, 54. Madrid.

Materials used: combination of natural wood and white-lacquered wood.

B3B Woman Studio. Gym in Madrid

In this case, we travelled to Madrid to carry out a different and original project, in a gym exclusively for women.

The studio that performed the project was SUBE Interiorismo, and we used the following to achieve the design that was needed: the new robot machinery added to our workshop to manufacture furniture.

An example of the type of work that can be done: manufacture of the letters with the B3B logo, made from pine wood with the exact shape as the design made by the team led by Begoña Susaeta, with holes for lighting, alluding to the dressing tables so commonly found in dressing rooms.

The entrance to the locale is through a long corridor decorated with trim on the wall, painted to match the wall, made of pine and shaped in squares along the entire corridor, according to the design.

The changing rooms are furnished with pine wood counters with metal legs and dressing room mirrors made of moulded pine,equipped with bulbs every 30 cm, providing perfect lighting for the mirrors.

In this area of the changing room, on one of the walls, we can see the logo fixed to the wall, with a diameter of 1.50 m, in the same colour, also made with the numerical control machine.

The gym room was furnished with bars across the entire length of the gym fastened with a metal structure to perform all manner of exercises. The bars were made of varnished pine and given a natural finish.

Throughout the gym, we can see the combination of natural and white-lacquered wood, with the visible wood grain to combine with the white face brick.

Featured in AD Architectural Digest blog [online]: “Madrid York“. Eduardo Merlo. 20 February 2016.