Home in Mungia


Interior designMacarena Barcia

Year of completion: 2018

Location: Home in Mungia, Bizkaia.

Materials used: oak, lacquered in white.

Single family home in Mungia


The decoration of this single-family home in Mungia was carried out with a combination of oak lacquered in white and details in dark colours.

The floor is a floating wood floor made with wide oak strips.

Access to the home is via a stairway made of wooden steps and secured to the wall, floor and ceiling. Both steps and supports are lacquered in white to merge them with the wall and ceiling.

The rear of the living room features oak panelling up to a height of 140 cm with a decorative shelf. A television has been placed in the open area of the panelling and the wiring channelled through the rear to hide it from sight. The shelf, panelling and floor have a matte finish that provides a very pleasant and natural atmosphere, in which the varnish is hardly noticeable.

The bathroom also has a floating wood floor that matches the oak cabinet, consisting of two large drawers and an oak counter on which two round black sinks rest. On the left there is a window that lets light into the bathroom, lacquered in white, as well as the white baseboard over a background painted in black.

The following image shows the walk-in closet, divided into two areas:

  • A black structure with oak shelving and hangers and a floating wood floor, as in the rest of the home.
  • Mirrored doors opening to a shoe cupboard, with specific short shelves for shoes in the same oak material.

Photograph by Erlantz Biderbost