Renovation of a home in Elizalde. Bilbao


Interior DecorationSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2012

Location: Home in Bilbao.

Materials used: oak and lacquer.

Home in Elizalde. Bilbao.

This home underwent complete renovation directed by the SUBE Interiorismo decoration studio. Several rooms were decorated with a combination of oak and lacquer, starting with a floating floor made of oak, which can be seen in the photograph.

Among the notable wood items in this home is the work performed on the wine rack and the two unique design shelves in the living room.

The wine rack combines oak and lacquer with LED lighting at the rear of the shelving. The light is projected onto the lacquered rear, reflectingindirect light on the oak shelves, which are used as a decorative element and wine rack.

The room is furnished with two blade-shaped shelves in lacquered DM with bookshelves and a central module with an opening for a television.

The design includes a 30 cm recess to take advantage of shelf space. There is a table with an oak top at the back of the sofa and a sandwich design of squares of different sizes, as required by the design, prepared for the painter to apply a coat of enamel.

A smooth white-lacquered cabinet is seen at the front, without much decoration. This makes it hardly noticeable, since it combines with the entrance door, also coated on the inside with white lacquer matching the entrance doors.

The room gives onto an office, divided by a glass pane. The office is decorated with horizontal lacquered slab panelling, measuring 20 cm,an L-shaped table 3 metres long, interior drawers and everything necessary for the work to be done on it.

This area was also furnished with a centre oak table with lacquered beechwood legs to support a television, with a smooth, white-lacquered door and drawer matching the rest.