Bar Gozatu in Colón de Larreategui. Bilbao

Bar Gozatu en Colón de Larreategui
Detalle en madera, Bar Gozatu en Colón de Larreategui

Interior design: Asier Osaba

Year of completion: 2014

Location: Bar Gozatu. C/ Colón de Larreategui (Jardines Albia). Bilbao

Materials used: untreated sanded oak directly from the lumber mill

Detail of the project in Bar Gozatu, Jardines de Albia. Bilbao

This is a new bar belonging to the restaurant chain Gozatu in which variations were made, respecting the finishes and general lines of the chain. For example:

  • Oak beading to produce white upholstered frames on walls
  • Coloured letters made informally on the rustic oak benches.
  • Colour variation on chairs on the wall panel.

Due to the specific nature of the premises, several steps were made and a glass balustrade to cover the stairwell to the basement used as storage and other purposes.

The material used is untreated, sanded oak directly from the lumber mill, a common characteristic to the premises owned by the chain

  • Panelling was installed up to one metre in height, with the characteristics dividing wall simulating a row of boards in the same material.
  • The bar is white with an engraving with the letters gozatu in the centre. The layout of the premises allows for the front of the bar to be seen from outside the premises.
  • A second stacked dividing wall is included, which is used as a table in the shape of an inverted pyramid.

The tables are white instead of the white oak combination of other premises and the design of the bottle rack in this case is adapted to the existing bottle rack in the premises. The boards located above the bottle rack are designed with a certain tidy untidiness.