Project for the Tramontana Office in Madrid

Tramontana office: detalle en madera de la recepción
Recepción Oficinas Tramontana
Decoration: Decoration Studio SUBE CONTRACT

Year of completion: 2011

Location: Tramontana Offices. Madrid

Materials used: Sucupira wood, combining solid wood with natural veneer.

Project details for offices

We used Sucupira wood, combining solid wood with natural veneer.

The furniture was built using 4 centimetre horizontal slats, leaving a gap of 5 millimetres between them, all matt varnished with the white colour of the furniture and of the office signage. The wooden panels contrast with the light and, above, with the effects of the ceiling spotlights.

It was a very difficult job for different reasons:

The solid battens could move when transporting them to Madrid and installing them in an office.

Wood moves in the event of changes in humidity. In this case, there was a large number of battens and a movement of just one or two millimetres would mean that the slats might join together, leaving an entire row unusable and having to replace it. One section, when bent by humidity, can never be brought back to its previous shape!

The challenge was to ensure no slat moved and to fix them without making any attachment element, screw or fixture visible. To do so, a study had to be made of the different collage options and of the materials fixing the wood without it being able to move.