New build in Getxo


Interior Design: Marina Acosta

Year of completion: 2020

Materials used: Oak and white lacquered wood

This interior design project was carried out on a newly built apartment in Getxo and was supervised by Marina Acosta. The property has a lot of potential for light, with large windows looking out onto clear areas where wood comes to life. Below are details of the work carried out in the living room and master bedroom.


A warm ambience for the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom, the colour combination is intended to create a warm ambience. For the headboard, we created white lacquered wall-to-wall panelling with a fine oak finish in the upper area, with a white lacquered skirting board. Made from vertical slats, the panelling also has two light sources and sockets on both sides of the bed. To complete the ensemble, oak tables were added to match the headboard.


Details of the large bookcase in the living room.

As soon as you enter the living room, you will find a bookcase that occupies part of the right side of the room. This unit, which was adapted to the ambience of the dining area, is a combination of oak shelves and a white lacquered structure. The doors under the worktop, which is also made of oak, are smooth and lacquered. A brass model was chosen for the handles, a choice that perfectly matches the oak tone of the shelves and is becoming increasingly popular.

The bookcase unit is made up of three modules, the central one being three times as wide as the side ones. Following the simple lines of the bookcase, the separation was made by means of wide white lacquered panels. Similarly, the background of the bookcase and the upper part is predominantly white, which makes the whole ensemble lighter.

Next to the bookcase, we find a low unit that provides continuity in terms of design. However, the worktop was painted white. The wall space was covered with a varnished striped oak panel, and the centre of the panel was designed to accommodate the TV.

In order to give greater prominence to the furniture designed by Marina Acosta, specific lighting was incorporated with a number of fashionable white downlights in the ceiling, while the lower part was lacquered white.