Refurbishment of the Foxiter Bar, Eibar

Foxiter Bar: Exterior de madera
Bar Foxiter en Eibar

Interior design: ONN Arquitectura Interior

Year of completion: 2008

Location: Eibar

Materials used: Oak wood

Detail of the refurbishment of the Foxiter Bar

A bar that we partially  refurbished.

We refurnished the façade, formed of two areas: one with double-door entrance to deal with the soundproofing of the premises, and another door for daytime use.

The door formed by 4 sliding leaves means that it is possible to open it fully out into the street, folding 2 doors on each side of the façade. These are made of hazelnut-tinted oak wood, including outer frame on the door like an arch, acting as a base for installation of the signage for the premises, and some decorative plants on it.

Inside, we refurbished the existing bar and the table area. We made a wooden screen with channels to fit the glass, separating the bar area and the table area, and side panels to blend in with the tone of the wall. We also produced an oak wood long bench, with upholstered backrest and seat, fitting between wall and wall and attached with no type of lower leg.