Complete refurbishment of a living room


Interior DesignSube Interiorismo

Year of completion: 2019

Photography: Biderbost Photo

Materials used: Varnished oak

Complete refurbishment of a living room


The living room shown in this project was possible thanks to the ample space available, which allowed this beautiful work to be carried out.

This complete refurbishment was carried out in collaboration with Sube Interiorismo, and focused on remodelling the walls and ceilings, integrating varnished oak wood with a blue background and upholstered fabrics to create a warm, welcoming environment.

Layout of the living room.

For the ceiling, we opted for white lacquered slats, made of 10 cm wide slats and intersecting beams to simulate a wooden ceiling. Due to the type of work involved in covering the real ceiling, the work carried out was carefully and meticulously executed to make it difficult to tell that it is a false ceiling.

Ceiling mounted downlights were also integrated to illuminate the bookcase and the rest of the room. Following the walls, the varnished oak furniture matches the blue background and upholstery perfectly.

On the left side there are two openings to access other spaces in the house. To close off these openings, sliding doors have been fitted with a special hanging system hidden in the wood. Upholstery was divided proportionally over three panels on the doors.



Details of the bookcase in the living room.

Two oak shelving units dominate the rest of the space, which is symmetrically separated by an area that has been painted blue. The shelves have a custom thickness and a grooved edge that adds personality to the furniture.

The back panels are varnished in blue and ribbed to simulate slats. The frame around the shelves is made of 40 cm-wide varnished oak panels. The doors at the bottom of the shelves have the same finish as the background, with simple white Formani handles that emphasise the unit’s vertical ribbing.

On the side closest to the windows is a bookcase with a large central area for the TV. Following the style of the shelving units, this bookcase has a small groove on each leg and on each shelf, which takes Sube Interiorismo’s design back to earlier times.

The bottom doors in the centre are made of varnished oak, as is the bottom of the cabinet in this section. However, the sides retain the same ribbing and blue lacquered finish as the shelves.

This unit also features white handles, giving it a bold, distinctive touch.